iPad & iPhone Repair Melbourne – Apple Mac Repairs in Melbourne

We do repair works for iPhone 6s Plus, 6s, iPhone 6, iphone 5s, iphone 5, iphone 4, 4s, 3gs, 3g – ipad 1- ipad 2 , ipad 3 -ipad 4. 


Screen replacement services,iPhone 4 $60,iPhone 4s $65,iPhone 5 $90, iPad 1/2 $100,iPad Air/Mini $130, Samsung galaxy S3 $160,Samsung galaxy S4 $165.We also fix laptop screens.


Phone speaker and vibrator replacements for iPhone, Samsung and compatible laptop models. Most  of the screen fixes for phone are done right at the time while Laptop screen needs to be ordered.


Network unlocking services.


Camera and power button replacements.

What We Repair?

Apple phones these days are so expensive that even a little damage to phone can quickly send the owner to a state of panic. Since the phones are expensive, their repairs will seemingly ask for an arm and a leg. Well, you do not have to spend a fortune on any of the following: Apple MAC repairs in Melbourne, iPhone repair or iPad repair in Melbourne, because JMC Computers is there to offer all kinds of Software and hardware related repairs at nominal charges.

iPhone Repair Melbourne

Most people do not like to put their iPhone in a protective case, which increases the likelihood of damage due to an unintentional fall. The first thing that gets affected by a fall is ‘display’. It’s easy to shatter an iPhone’s display but it may cost you a big chunk of money to fix it. This should not be the case if you bring your broken iPhone to JMC Computers. We provide display replacements to our customers at the lowest price possible. We also suggest some smart ways and offer solutions, like tempered glass protection, to help you protect your phone’s display out and out. iPhone repair in Melbourne shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and at JMC Computers, we make sure of it.

iPad Repair Melbourne

JMC Computers can repair all models of iPad Mini and iPad Air to the highest standards, at a price lesser than what your service centre would charge you. We can repair broken or shattered screen and fix any software-related issue at the earliest, so you do not have to hang in there for a long time. We have made iPad repairs in Melbourne quick and affordable.

Phone Unlocking
Sometimes your phone gets into the hands of someone who is intrigued about the security features and would always want to play around with them. Amidst all this, your phone may get locked and it won’t open by entering the usual 4-digit pin. This is where JMC Computers can help. We can unlock your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, using licensed software, at nominal charges.

If your phone is an international purchase, it won’t work unless unlocked for country code. Our experts have hands-on experience in phone unlocking, no matter the model or make.

Apple Mac Repairs Melbourne

You know that you have spent a hefty amount on the purchase of your Apple device and you will not want to let any inexperienced technician to try their hand on it. Entrust your repair needs to JMC Computers and rest assured that your devices will be handled carefully and repaired at cheaper rates.

JMC Computers is the best facility to approach for Apple MAC repairs in Melbourne. We value the professional bond that we share with our customers and make every possible effort to ensure their peace of mind. From installing new software to repairing hardware and everything in between, there’s nothing we cannot handle.